Checklist: Your Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

As the days get longer and warmer, there are signs of spring everywhere, from the blooming of yellow daffodils to the trees sprouting new buds. Spring also signals the beginning of the peak rental season. Most renters move between the months of May and September, which is the perfect time to consider ways to maximize the appeal of your property.

To help, we’ve put together a few tips from your Long & Foster Property Management team.

  • Landscaping: The first impression renters get of your rental property is the landscaping. The yard needs to be well groomed, with plenty of curb appeal to attract qualified renters.
  • Power Wash: Use a power washer to clean decks, driveways and walkways. While cleaning, inspect for any damage.
  • Repair Cracks in Walkways and Driveways: Fix small cracks now before they expand.
  • Paint: Touch-up paint makes the house look tidy and provides a protective barrier from the weather.
  • Clear AC Unit: Trim plants and shrubs around outdoor AC compressor to provide good airflow.
  • Prune hedges and trees: Proper pruning not only encourages healthy growth, but also keeps the landscaping looking nice and orderly. Additionally, keeping trees trimmed will help prevent bigger safety issues down the road.
  • Mow Often: If your property is vacant, it’s important to have the grass mowed regularly – at least once a week for health and appeal.

Remember, a clean and well-maintained property not only attracts good tenants, but also strengthens your relationships with your current tenants.

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