7th Annual Jeep Week in OCMD

75 Years of Jeeps Displayed at Ocean City Jeep Week

Jeeps from all around the country will travel to Ocean City for a weekend of entertainment, expositions and ‘Beach Crawls’ during the seventh annual Jeep Week.

Ocean City, Md.’s Jeep Week will begin on Thursday, Aug. 25 with the annual Beach Crawl. The Beach Crawl takes place Thursday through Sunday, beginning at 8 a.m. each day. Approximately 250 Jeeps will cruise the beach beginning at 30th St. leading into the Ocean City Inlet.

“It’s the one and only time all year round we have something like that happen,” Jessica Waters, communications manager for the Town of Ocean City, says.

The Ocean City Convention Center will serve as Jeep Week’s Headquarters for the duration of the event, however, Jeep Week isn’t just exclusive to Ocean City. Berlin joins in on the action with Jeep Jam, a terrain course filled with logs, rocks, boulders and more.


Brad Hoffman, event director, says the event has grown immensely in its seven years of existence. Hoffman expects around 1,300 Jeeps to participate this year with Jeeps ranging from 1941, all the way to the 80’s, 90’s and today.

“It is one of the fastest growing Jeep events in the country,” Hoffman says.

According to Hoffman, people from the Jeep community come from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and of course, Delmarva.

At Jeep HQ there will be a vintage jeep display, various vendors, off-road expositions, as well as a display of Chevy, Broncos and Dodges.

The Metal Shop from Delmar, Del. will be building a monster truck on-site. Ryan Disharoon, the only participant to drive a Jeep truck in the Monster Truck Tour, will also be on-site, signing autographs, as well as other off-road celebrities.

One of Hoffman’s all time favorite events at Jeep Week is the ‘King of the Pit’ event. During King of the Pit, 8-10 hand selected participants will compete at the Berlin location on a series of terrain courses.

“It’s really interesting because you don’t have to be a Jeep enthusiast to enjoy Jeep Week. It’s anybody who is looking to have a unique experience.” Waters says. “There’s really something fun for everyone.”

Hoffman says the location of the event is what makes it so popular, claiming at other events, spectators and participants will drive 30-40 miles to get to the next activity. Not only is the location important to note, Hoffman says the time of year also helps the event.

“It’s in a time of year, the weekend before Labor Day where the summer season is shutting down and people are getting ready to go back to school,” Hoffman says. “It has created economic stimulus for a town that needed it around that time.”

Hoffman and Waters both agree the partnership between the organization and the town of Ocean City couldn’t get much better.

“It’s a great and unique event to keep continuing to grow in Ocean City,” Waters adds.

With Jeep enthusiasts, vendors and the general public, Hoffman says the event should bring about 10,000 people to the town.

To learn more, visit oceancityjeepweek.com.

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