Eat-In Kitchens -Your Preferences and Style

What kind of seating do you request at a restaurant? It may hold the key to setting up your kitchen table

March 14, 2016  Houzz Contributor.
The kitchen island has dominated kitchen floor plans for at least the last 10 years as kitchens became larger and more open, but many of you are hankering for a good old-fashioned kitchen table. I’m with you — I grew up eating breakfast and dinner at my family’s kitchen table. My feet are never quite comfortable dangling from a stool or banging up against the side of an island.

Perhaps the best way to imagine what’s right for your eat-in kitchen is to think about what you request at a restaurant — do you like a table or a booth? To eat in the bar? The private room or the one in the middle of the action? If your kitchen is so tiny that the thought of these options is making you laugh, don’t worry — we’ve got a few clever space-saving ideas too.

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